Bible Challenge: Week 4

This is a post summarizing my efforts in my Bible challenge.  You can read about how this began by clicking here.

Monday: Genesis 11-14
I read to my husband before bed–I like doing this.

I’m praying for the appointment I have tomorrow, for family members, for friends, and for the leaders of this nation.

Tuesday: Matthew 15-16:16 or so
Sorry I don’t have more accurate records. 🙂  Nate read aloud before bed and chose Matthew. I like the story of the guy who hired workers for his field and paid them all the same, and the ones who worked the longest complained, but the guy reminded them that he has the right to do with his money as he wants. I don’t know why I like it, but I do.

I’m praying about my health. I went to the clinic today and the woman I spoke with says that she can’t tell if I have any condition now. But she sent my blood off for thyroid testing, and I should hear about that on Thursday if anything is abnormal. I’m actually kind of hoping it is what I think it is because it would explain quite a few problems I’ve been having and is easily treated. Otherwise, my health concerns are still a mystery and that’s more worrisome than a diagnosis.

I didn’t read this day. I don’t remember why.

Thursday: Isaiah 13-15
I’m not sure how I feel about Isaiah… will have to read more to figure it out.

I didn’t read. Again, just laziness. I think about it, consider reading, and then decide to do something else–something less important. I think it’s a defiant heart that doesn’t want to fully submit to God, in all honesty. I’m praying for forgiveness and help in submitting to Him.

I didn’t read this day either. Same reason as above, and still praying the same prayer.

I read only what was read in church–out of James and then skipping around during the sermon. It was a pretty good sermon. It’s funny… the pastor’s lessons are good, but obvious to me. However, when we skip around in the text, I invariably discover some other thing, often totally unrelated, that pops out at me. I should have read more, but didn’t. I’m still praying for help in submitting to God.


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