WIP Wednesday

The only active WIP at the moment is Cassie’s socks–well, sock, as there’s just one going now.

Progress on Sock #1

I started the first sock on 10/26 and am now a few rows into the cuff. I’m surprised at how quickly these are getting along! The rounds seem to just fly by. (Sorry for the blurry photo–the sun was shining on the screen of the camera!)

Lace on Instep

I’m using the pattern for the Chevrolace Socks (Ravelry link) and really, really love it. I haven’t quite memorized the lace chart yet, but it is simple and mostly easy to work. It will look better on her foot because the eyelets will open up and the lace will stretch a bit, giving it more definition. I like how this pattern works up in this variagated color, though. The stripes are small enough that they don’t detract too much from the lace patterning.

The heel is started with short rows and then the heel flap is made in the eye of the partridge design, which I really love. It stretches a bit, but gives extra padding at the back of the heel.

Eye of the Partridge Heel Flap

I discovered this heel flap in another pattern, got quite excited over it, but all the information I could find on it said it was only used in top-down socks. I was a little discouraged because I really love the heel, but have only worked socks toe-up (and like it that way). I had chosen this pattern a while ago for Cassie’s socks and upon closer inspection, I was delighted to find that this heel flap was used here–in toe-up socks, nonetheless! Ah, happiness!

Pooling Stripes on Foot Bottom

The yarn I’m using is Knit Picks Stroll Multi (Ravelry link) in the Lucky colorway, and I love it too! The colors are in very short lengths so the striping is tiny and it pools every now and then, but in a very pretty way.

The yarn is 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon. I find it’s rougher to the touch than the 100% wool I have for mine and Nate’s socks–I don’t know if that’s due to the nylon content or the superwash factor. Either way, they should get a little softer in the wash.





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