Bible Challenge: Week 3

This is a post summarizing my efforts in my Bible challenge.  You can read about how this began by clicking here.

I will be honest and say that  I don’t remember if I read on Monday. I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

I’m praying for a member of my in-law family, for my husband, and for a health concern of mine that I will be visiting the clinic for on Tuesday of next week.

Tuesday: Romans 1-3
I stepped off the reading path for today because I really wanted to read in Romans.  So, I did.  And I enjoyed it.  As I usually do.

Still praying for the same things as above, but also diligence, self-control, motivation.

Wednesday: Job 19-21
Since this is all about being honest, I will say that I don’t enjoy Job much. I don’t really understand what’s going on in it (and didn’t the first time I read it either). I’ll be looking up some references this weekend to try to make sense out of it. It just sounds like a lot of complaining to me, but I know there must be good lessons in it and more to it than that.

In an effort to improve in my prayer life, I am focusing my prayer efforts on five key areas: personal life (family/friends), church, community, country, and world. This helps me not forget prayers that I’ve promised to pray (for family/friends, for example), while also encouraging me to look at the “big picture”.

Thursday: Psalms
I didn’t read all of Psalms, I just don’t remember the chapters. Actually, I didn’t read it at all–Nate read it out loud. It was a nice way to end the day.

I didn’t read this day. We got caught up in a whirlwind of activity and I forgot. Not a good excuse–will have to make a better effort to do this.

I’ve added house hunting to my prayer list. We’ve started the search (talked to a realtor today and saw a few houses). The choices look dismal in our area, and we are hoping to be out of where we are now by the end of the year because rent is increasing in January. We will keep looking though, and with our prayers, I’m sure an opportunity will present itself!

Saturday: Romans 8-9
I read this with my husband and enjoyed it. I always enjoy Romans.

I didn’t read. I was lazy. I’m praying for diligence.


One thought on “Bible Challenge: Week 3

  1. I really like Job, I remember the kids in our Sunday School working their way through it at church and it was a good one to choose – lots of things to think about! So, what is it about Romans – you always end up reading that?! 😉

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