WIP Wednesday

A WIP is a “work in progress” in the knitting world (and I guess the crochet world, too).  Though I don’t have photos, I thought I’d share where I’m at in my current WIPs.

Basic Blue Cardigan
This is very nearly not a WIP–I’ve finished all the parts, seamed it, added the button bands, and woven in every yarn end.  I thought I’d already purchased matching buttons, but cannot find them anywhere, so will have to buy some tomorrow.  I’ve also decided to add a grosgrain ribbon band across the back neck.  Due to the fairly loose gauge this was knit at, that back neck edge stretches considerably under the weight of the cardigan on my shoulders and puts considerable stress on the bind-off edge there.  I’d hate for it to snap or wear thin in that spot, so the grosgrain ribbon is my way of taking a bit of precaution.

Before adding the ribbon, though, I’m going to sew on the buttons and then give it a good wash.  That will help me ensure that the ribbon is placed properly and won’t affect how the yarn’s tension evens out in the wash.  At least, that’s the hope.

My plan is to have a completed cardigan to show you tomorrow, if all goes well!

Nate’s Socks
I posted before about having begun Nate’s socks.  Well, I restarted them after trying the toes on his feet. They just fit, without any stretching, and that indicated a too loose gauge.  So, I frogged those toes and recalculated with one inch of negative ease (previously was assuming one-half inch).  I casted the first toe with less stitches and have worked a good few inches on it.  I’m going to work these one-at-a-time because each sock does work up more quickly than when I work two-at-once.  I think fiddling with the loops of cable while magic-loop-ing with two socks at a time eats up more time than I initially thought.

Those are the only two projects actually on needles now.  I have a few others in the queue, though.

I’m going to knit Cassie another pair of socks for Christmas.  Hopefully these will fit better than the last pair because I actually measured her feet.  So, she kind of already knows about them.  Anyway, I have some great fingering weight superwash wool in a green variegated color that I hope she will love.

I also have plans to knit myself a pair of socks with some plain green fingering weight wool I have.  I’m excited about that pattern, but I have to finish Nate’s and Cassie’s socks first.

Then, I’ve got an embroidery piece to work on.  It’s a secret, though, so I’m not saying who for or even what it is.  I probably won’t be able to show the full piece anyway because it will have someone’s last name on it, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing that with strangers (no offense!).  I hope I can get some good macro shots, though, and maybe do some editing to blur out the last name.  We’ll see.  It will be a difficult project for me because it’s a big piece–finished size will be 8 by 10 inches.

One of my birthday gifts was a gift certificate for a yarn store online that I buy yarn from.  I’ve wanted to try my hand at lace knitting for about a year now, so I think I will use a little of my birthday money to buy a skein of laceweight wool.  I’ve been browsing patterns on Ravelry and am getting excited.  I probably won’t get to the lace knitting until late next spring.  I hope to make a shawl that is nice enough for church on those highly air-conditioned days!

Well, there you have it!  Two projects on the needles and four in the queue (if you count the embroidery).  I think that’ll keep me busy for a while!


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