Bible Challenge: Week 1

This is a post summarizing my efforts in my Bible challenge.  You can read about how this began by clicking here.

Monday:  Genesis 8-10
I read this in about 15 minutes before going to class.  I enjoyed spending some time with God before starting my day, and I would like to start every day this way.  These chapters tell of God’s covenant with Noah and every beast on the Earth to never destroy all living things with a flood again.  This passage reminds me that I serve a loving, gracious God.

I am praying for diligence in reading daily, knowledge and understanding through His Word, and an open heart to receive any discipline that may arise from my reading.

Tuesday:  Judges 1-4
Some of my first thoughts were about Israel’s disobedience.  Many times, I’ve read passages in the Old Testament and thought, “Why didn’t they just do as the Lord commanded them?”  This time, I thought, “I know exactly how they feel.”  It’s so very hard to follow God when everyone around you isn’t!  Our Lord is a just God, though.  When the Israelites would turn from Him, He’d send a “wake-up call”; then they would cry out for deliverance and God would send a deliverer.  This cycle repeated over and over.

We, thankfully, have a Deliverer–the perfect Deliverer, in fact.  He has already delivered us from all of the sins we have committed or will commit in the future.  What a blessing!

I am still praying for diligence.  I’m also praying for my best friend, some family members in particular, and my husband.

Wednesday:  Job 13-15
To be honest, I didn’t get much out of this reading.  I haven’t read Job in a while, so forgot a lot of the context.

I am praying for my husband.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
I failed on these days.  My husband and I went out of town this weekend and were on the go the whole time.  I did not bring my Bible with me, even though I should have.


2 thoughts on “Bible Challenge: Week 1

    • Well, the program I’m using skips around, so each day is in a different book. I have a really hard time just reading one book at a time. I tried that a while ago and never could stick with it. Sometimes I do have to look up context summaries, though.

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