Knitted Chapstick Holders

A year or two ago, I worked up a handful of chapstick holders.  I gave them all away since then because they make such great gifts or additions to bigger gifts.  I got in my head a couple of nights ago that I should make some more using some sport-weight acrylic I have leftover from when I first learned to crochet.  I only have bright yellow and bright orange (like, squint-your-eyes-bright), so I thought they’d make for great little chapstick holders.
I didn’t want to crochet them.  I like the ones I crocheted; there’s nothing particularly wrong with them.  But I also really like the way knitting looks.  So, I worked up a design for knitted chapstick holders (when I should have been working on that cardigan!) and found that they are really quick and easy to make.
The challenges I faced when designing these:
  • determining how much negative ease to incorporate
  • designing the flap with included yarn-over buttonhole

You can find the pattern on my design site here  and also on Ravelry here.


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