JB is TWO!

Every time a child of mine passes their birthday, I wonder… where did the year go? Now that I have two children, I ask myself that same question twice a year. And it seems the year passes twice as quickly, now.

At any rate, THIS young man is two years old today.


I frequently say, he is such a boy. He gets dirty, he is loud (even when he whispers!), and he can be mischievous.


But he is also very sweet, adores his big sister (but his mama even more), and is a smiling, giggling boy most of the time.

He likes to play rough,


help people,

and eat. He really, really likes to eat.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday…


… and I’m filled with joy to be his mama! Happy birthday, son!

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Found on Pinterest: Stove Top Pizza (Recipe)

I wrote about our oven issues. Well, I’m also pregnant and have craved pizza for a solid 3 weeks. Getting desperate, I searched Pinterest and found a stove top version. Yes!

I chose this recipe for stove top pizza from The Orgasmic Chef blog.


The blog author writes about a specific skillet with a vented lid. I don’t have that skillet. I do have an 8-9″ cast iron skillet with a lid that fits. That’s what I used. For the “vented” time of the cooking, I just shifted the lid slightly off the pan to vent the steam.

I didn’t have a hot oven to put it in, but the broil function of my oven does work. I put the whole pan in under the broiler on high to brown the cheese, for about 5 minutes.

My only other modification was to replace self-rising flour with home-mixed self-rising flour. It is easy to make: to 1 cup all-purpose flour add 1/2 Tbsp of baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt.

What I Liked About This Recipe

It was tasty. The crust was crisp on the bottom, chewy inside, and the cheese melted fully. It was quick: no rising time for the dough. It was the right size lunch for me and the kids.

Downsides to This Recipe

The author didn’t specify to lower the heat from medium after the first 5 minutes. I left it on medium and about 10 minutes in to the vented cooking time, I could smell the crust was burning.

the bottom got a little too dark

So next time, I will definitely lower the heat at that point.

The crust also didn’t have much flavor. Next time, I would add extra salt and maybe some oregano and garlic powder. It did not have the yeast-y flavor my regular pizza dough recipe has. So the extra seasonings should help, I think.

Found on Pinterest: Banana Bread Pancakes (Recipe)

Our new house has a fantastic gas range and oven. Except, the oven doesn’t work. Well, it kind of works. Anyway, I had a couple of sad-looking bananas to use, and I would normally make banana bread. So I scoured Pinterest searching for stove top banana recipes and found this gem: banana bread pancakes from the Creme de la Crumb blog. The recipe made 11 4-5″ diameter cakes. We devoured them with butter and maple syrup. Yum!


I added about 1/4 cup extra flour to the batter because it seemed too runny. Although, I shouldn’t have done that because the batter thickened some while the griddle was preheating.

What I Liked About This Recipe

The taste, first of all. Just sweet enough, just banana-y enough. Perfect.

Also they were easy. No more complicated than regular pancakes.

They don’t require heating the oven (and therefore the kitchen) for an hour.

They were eaten all in one sitting. Banana bread seems to languish a while in our household because Nate forgets it is available for breakfast and the kids don’t particularly love it.

Downsides to This Recipe

I really can’t think of any!

6 made and waiting for eaters!


This site has been quiet, I know. It’s not for lack of crafting. I recently crocheted a baby blanket and stuffed toy for a friend’s baby. I started a small throw blanket. And I’ve started and been whizzing through a winter sweater for JB.

But we also have been between homes. We sold our old house at the end of July while in the process of buying a new one. We won’t move in there until this Labor Day weekend, or possibly later if it rains as predicted. Fear not! we have not been homeless, but have been bunking with my very gracious parents-in-law.

I have also been dealing with a molar-teething almost-two-year-old, and for the last few days, a stitched-up three-year-old. (Sprout cut her knee and required six stitches.) Both a bit out of sorts also being in this home transition. Yikes.

Also, I have been toying with the idea of creating a Facebook page and Instagram feed to associate with this blog. I’m still looking into it, but if I make accounts, I’ll be sharing the information here.

And finally, perhaps one of the most important things I’ve been doing the last 2.5 months, is growing a whole new person.  ☺️ Nate and I are expecting a third little addition next spring. The first trimester this time ’round has been a doozy. We aren’t sure of gender yet, and I’m waiting until then to look at baby patterns. But that small throw blanket I mentioned is a baby blanket I started in cream and brown. I got pregnant and my fingers started itching to knit for the new babe. ❤️

So, there are all my reasons and excuses. I hope to share more soon. 🙂

She Knits: Frasier Fir Socks

I received the pale green yarn in a recent swap (along with the yarn for the Portobello shawl I recently posted).

Progression Info
Started – April 12
Completed – May 30
Duration – 48 days = 6.9 weeks

These socks “hibernated” for a week or two, at least once. We have been busy. Plus, I had a little hiccup toward the end that made me put the socks away for a week. I just couldn’t look at them. 😀 I ran out of the pale green yarn about an inch from the ribbing on the second sock. So, to make them match, I had to pick out the ribbing and about 1/2″ of the leg on the first sock, in order to use a bit of the pale green to knit another 1/2″ on the second sock. Then, of course, reknit the first ribbing, and knit the second ribbing. It only took one evening to do all of that, but it was daunting so I had put it off for a week. 😀

Pattern Info
Frasier Fir Socks by Verena Cohrs
size – EU 38-40

These fit almost perfectly — I should have knit the foot 1/4 – 1/2″ longer before starting the gusset. The heel turn and flap is pulled down a bit while worn. Otherwise, though, they feel great. 🙂

Yarn Info
Eden Cottage Yarns Oakworth 4ply
100% Polwarth wool
Colorway – forest light
1 skein = 436 yds used

This has been my first experience with Polwarth wool. It is medium-soft, I’d say. It has a nice stitch definition, not highly-twisted, not too fuzzy. I like it. 🙂

The contrast cuff yarn is a hand-dyed sock yarn mini-skein I have from a rainbow set I won some time ago. The dyer is Norwegian. 🙂