She Cooks: 2-Ingredient Toddler Dessert, Recipe

This is a recipe, if it can be called such, for a very simple dessert. My toddlers love it. It is healthy and delicious. It begins with just two ingredients, but there are many ways to boost the nutritional value, which I will give below the recipe.

2-Ingredient Toddler Dessert

Servings: 2


1 cup frozen fruit, any combination

1/2-1 cup COLD plain yogurt or whole milk


Blend ingredients until smooth. That’s it! It should be the consistency of a very, very soft ice cream or frozen yogurt; similar to a smoothie but smoother. It can be eaten with a spoon or straw.

Optional additions (stir in after blending):

1-2 tsp sweetener (honey will clump; maple syrup is great); be careful if the fruit used is already sweetened!

1 Tbsp whole flax seed or chia seed

1 Tbsp wheat germ

The picture shows this dessert made with frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt, maple syrup, flax seed, and wheat germ. The kids love it, and don’t mind the little seeds at all.


A Year of Crafting: 2016

I am not going to individually re-cap all THIRTY-NINE of the projects I finished this year. Instead, I’m going to give the summary I usually do at the bottom plus some commentary, and call that sufficient. 😉

Project Totals

Projects: 39
crochet: 0
cross-stitch: 0
embroidery: 1 (3%)
knit: 19 (49%)
other: 1 (3%)
quilting: 1 (3%)
sewing: 17 (44%)

Gifted: 20 (51%)
Designed: 10 (26%)

I made 10 more projects than the previous year, again. Ha! I stitched, quilted, and crocheted less this year; but I embroidered, knit, and sewed more. In fact, I finished twice the number of sewing projects as last year.

I gifted many, many more projects than last year (2.5 times as many, in fact)! I even designed more. I am proud of the diaper clutch tutorial I published on my pattern website this year. Also, on that website, I received my first feedback through the contact form — a question about the knitted chapstick holder pattern I have there. That was exciting!

Yarn Totals

Total Yardage: 5,397.2 yards (That’s 3.07 miles or 4.94 km!)
acrylic: 755.4 yds (14%)
bamboo: 432.2 yds (8%)
cotton: 959.2 yds (18%)
nylon: 130.2 yds (2%)
other: 268.0 yds (5%)
wool: 2,852.1 yds (53%)

I beat my yardage from last year by almost a whole mile! I knit less acrylic and exotic fibers (alpaca, silk) this year, but more cotton, nylon, and wool. Natural fibers made up even more of my knitting this year — clocking in at 79% (versus 70% last year). Bamboo was a new fiber for me this year. It was interesting, made a pleasant fabric, but was not as easy to use as wool, for example.

It seems crazy to me that I have knit that much yarn in one year, especially with two kids in the house!

Plans for Next Year

I don’t have many plans for the coming year. I suppose it is because I knit so many Christmas gifts that I’m about knit-out. 😉

I do intend to make a few more things more my nephew — another pair (at least) of legwarmers, a hat, booties. It doesn’t get terribly cold where he lives, but cold enough that he needs a few more accessories.

I have one gift in my queue, yarn at the ready, and just need to print the pattern and begin. Obviously, I can’t tell anymore about that.

I want to knit a hat and mittens for JB soon. Hopefully, I will finish in time for any cold weather that comes our way.

And someday, maybe not even next year, I want to start working on an afghan for the house. I have a pattern chosen, but am not ready to buy yarn yet.

Oh, sewing plans… I don’t really have any. I’m sure I’ll sew more zippered pouches — why not? I just need to find recipients. I would love to sew some clothing for the kids, but that requires more undivided attention and time than I can devote right now.

She Sews: Zippered Boxed Pouch

Another zippered pouch… but this one is different! This one was for my niece for Christmas.

December 19

I spent about 3 hours on this one.

Pattern Info
DIY Zippered Box Pouch by The Seasoned Homemaker

This little pouch was very tricky! I didn’t add any interfacing, but wish I had. It would have been much, much better with it!

Fabric Info
quilting cottons

More remnant cottons and scraps from bundled fat quarters I have used in other projects. These fabrics don’t necessarily coordinate perfectly, but I just loved both of them, and couldn’t decide which to use.


She Sews: Two Pouches for a Pair of Friends

My sister loves these little zippered pouches I make, and a good friend of her’s has commented on them several times as well. So, I made them each a pouch for Christmas. I really, really love making these little things!

December 18
December 19

I only spent about 3 hours on both of these. I save time sewing more than one in a sitting because I can assembly-line them, to some degree.

Pattern Info
improvised by me

I added tabs to the ends of the zippers with the interior fabric. I used medium-weight interfacing on the outer fabrics of the friend’s pouch. I added a layer of thin cotton fabric to the very interior (between the inner and outer fabrics) of my sister’s pouch, for stability (I was out of interfacing!). Interestingly, they are similarly weighted.

Fabric Info
quilting cottons

The interior cherries fabric is something I found in a remnant bin. The outer fabrics came together in a fat quarter bundle. I like that they are similar.


She Sews: Small Project Set

I have wanted a small, sock-sized project bag and DPN cosy for a long time — and I finally made a set for myself!

December 14

These little pouches are a 2-hour project. The DPN holder was about an hour of sewing.

Pattern Info
Double-Pointed Needle Keeper Tutorial by The Nome Knitter

I made the 6″ size DPN keeper. I made one mistake — the snaps are about 1/2″ closer to each edge than the tutorial specifies, but the keeper works just as well this way.

I don’t use a tutorial or pattern for these zippered pouches anymore!

Fabric Info
quilting cottons

These are all random pieces of cotton fabric I have bought from remnant bins, except for the shiny fabric on the outside of the DPN keeper. That one came in a fat quarter bundle.