I love all of the seasons. Each one has its purpose. Each one, its beauty. Each a delight to weary hearts.

like butterflies on a string

Spring brings life from what appeared dead or what, in some cases, was dead. It is time for sowing, beginning anew, setting planned things on their right path, healing over the pruned and scarred places with brand new flesh. I like the soaking rains drenching thirsty earth. I like the bright, tender, succulent new leaves. I like the born again, the rebirth, the life bursting forth from the dreary, heavy ashes.

a daff for me and a daff for you

Summer, the time of working the sown life. It is the time of bending down into the hard work of doing, leaning into the usefulness of the body and mind. What was learned new in spring is practiced and tested in the fiery summer furnace. I like the heat on my hair. I like the cool lake water, the salty sweat to wash off at the end of the day, the surprise thunderstorms with fat drops pounding into the ground.

what dandy leaves you have

Autumn comes with harvests of every color and shape and size and texture. It shows us that our imaginations are pitifully finite. It is the time of more, different work. It brings the work that prepares us to slow down. Before rest comes, the home must be ready. I like the crisp chill of the air. I like the work of preservation: stuffing jars with summer’s bounty, sealing them up, and setting them on freshly washed shelves. I like the sunrises and sunsets, the bright sky softening, the fullness and richness of the days.

how amazing what bursts forth from a tiny bud

Winter, the time of waiting. It is the chance to tuck in, get cozy, and rest. It reminds us to stop, weary traveler, and take a moment. It is the time of reading, handiwork, mending. It is the time for home. I like the fires. I like the hand-knit socks, the fuzzy pom-poms on the tops of heads, the toasty fingers tucked into mittens. I like the sharpness of the air on my face and in my lungs, snow angels and icicles. I like the soups and stews, homemade breads, and opening jars upon jars of wonderful memories of months gone by.

clothed in violet

In each season, we may be tempted to mourn what was and impatiently await what comes. Come now, spring. Hurry up, summer. I can’t wait much longer for you, autumn. When will the temperature drop again, winter?

Let’s enjoy what is happening now with happy memories of what came before and hopeful, but patient, anticipation of what will be.

what fun to bring spring indoors

Obedience Is

… right now. Today. The next thing. The next step.

It is waking and choosing to serve your husband today without keeping a record of the wrongs committed yesterday.

It is a meal, a load of laundry, a diaper change, a correction, a hug, a story right now only to turn and find another empty plate, another dirty sock, a new disobedience, another tear-smudged face, another book in sticky hand with “read?” on pink lips.

It is uncertainly stepping forward once more. It is wild faith. It is tempered fear. It is crazy trust.

It is “what am I doing?” followed by “Your will be done, Lord.”

Make my way straight upon the narrow path. Make each step fruitful to Your glory. Make my meager offerings of service a rich blessing to others. Make my eyes look to You as I step again into the darkness.

Final Project Catch-up

While making my Year of Crafting post, I discovered several projects I made and never shared here! I did share progress pictures of some of these over on Instagram (at belovedbrowneyesblog).

Memory Quilt, Pillows, & Bear

Progression: March 3 – April 27

This was a very special gift I made this year. A friend’s father passed away some years ago. I made the memory quilt from the father’s clothing, for his widow. The pillows were made from shirts of his relating to each of his kids (their school or profession, etc.). And the little bear was for his grandson.

The most interesting item was the Santa Claus jacket I pulled out from the bin. This was maybe the most important clothing piece for his family because he dressed as Santa every Christmas. I used a big patch of the red corduroy and white faux fur on the quilt. I added a red corduroy appliquè heart to each pillow. And I made the bear from the corduroy with white fluffy ears.

I was able to finish these to mail in time for Mother’s Day.


Sprout’s Peasant Skirt

Progression: May 26

Just one day for a quick sew. Sprout loves this skirt. I just copied a skirt she already had, but later, I found a child’s peasant skirt pattern packet at the thrift store. I want to make more of these in the next size for her!

Mason Jar Cross-Stitch

Progression: July 3-26

I still haven’t decided where to hang this one, but I love it a lot. It goes so well with my turquoise kitchen. And it was fun to stitch!

Sprout’s Pink Socks

These were highly requested.

Sprout’s Gloves

These are not my finest work. The fit is wonky. She still likes them, though.

More pink!

Year of Crafting: 2020

Another interesting year. Many highs, many lows. Remembering the good, thanking God for the bad. Through the valleys, I have opportunity for growth.

I’ll be doing another lost projects round-up post because I realized how many I forgot to share here. I even forgot to share a few on Instagram! I do usually post finished projects over there, and sometimes progress pictures, too. Follow me there at belovedbrowneyesblog

Project Totals

Total – 21

  • crochet – 4 (19%)
  • knit – 11 (52%)
  • sewing – 4 (19%)
  • stitching – 2 (10%)
  • quilting – 1 (5%)
  • gifted – 6

I made more projects than last year in a wider variety of crafts, and I gave more away. The only craft muscle I didn’t flex this year was embroidery. I’m very pleased with the amount of sewing I did and aim to increase that in 2021.

Yarn Totals

Total – 3,009.1 yards

  • acrylic – 1,215.7 yds (40%)
  • cotton – 68.2 yds (2%)
  • rayon – 142.8 yds (5%)
  • wool – 1,582.4 yds (53%)

These totals do not reflect the cotton thread for the doilies I crocheted or the acrylic stash yarn for the melon slings. Even so, my consumption was lower this year by about 2,000 yards. I used fewer types of fibers, but oddly, a similar percentage of wool.

My only crafty goal for 2021 is to complete at least one project in every craft I know (knit, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing, quilting). I have socks on the needles now going into the new year, so I’ll certainly achieve a knitting project! I want the sewing to be more cloth napkins for the family — I already have clearance bin fabric for them.

Geology Shawl

Progression Info

Started – October 14
Completed – November 3
Duration – about 3 weeks

Pattern Info

Geology Shawl by verybusymonkey

Yarn Info

Carodan Farm Chincoteague Colors Bay Collection
0.96 skeins = 408.0 yds used
Colorway – conch beauty


geology shawl
geology shawl